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My work in the Manufacturing Industry has brought me to various countries for the past 34 years.  

had the opportunity to live and work in diverse cultures and exciting places.

My work has given me the opportunity to live and work in such countries, namely,  Kenya, Madagascar, Jordan, Egypt, China, and Hongkong.

The nature of my work demanded diligence and discipline. I had to develop my strict work ethics, consistency, commitment to improving my work with a continuous learning mentality

As part of senior management, my commitment to "Quality" and "On-time Delivery" has been my guiding principle in serving and satisfying all our customers  based in the United States and Europe. 

My other work as a University Professor ( year 2011 - present)  has taught me the value of research work. I am a  degree holder of a Master In Business Administration and presently into my PhD program with a target completion date of  year 2023.


I have created this Fashion Blog to share to all my readers of my vast experience in the field of  apparel and textile industry, handling most of the global brands of today.

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