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The Philippines : Textile and Apparel Industry on the Mend

The  major highlights of this article are:

English: Abaca fiber drying in shed
English: Abaca fiber drying in shed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  •    Save our Industries Act.(SAVE Act) which was introduced by the  US congress that should benefit the textile and apparel industry in the Philippines as an export opportunity.

  •    The abundance of local naturalfibers in the Philippines that can be utilized and processed into textiles used for the manufacture of apparel items such as jeans.  The types of available fibers are, Abaca, Pina, Ramie and Silk.

  •    Manila based Asia Textile Mills Inc. has developed a way to mass produce abaca yarn out of raw fibers and weave this into high end textile products such as Jeans. The firm exported its first lot of abaca jeans to Japan in 2012 and now marketing its jeans product in the United States.

    IMG_1211.JPG (Photo credit: starathena)
  •    These natural fibers are sustainable and biodegradable, and with the increased global demand for Eco Friendly fabric, this has increased the use of natural fibers for both the apparel and home furnishing industry in a niche market that places the Philippines at a competitive advantage.

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